• Tommy's has shown me excellent customer service from first inquiry to final purchase. I have no complaints and would refer friends and family to Tommy's without reservation. Best, Jeff G
    Jeff G,
  • I would like to take a quick moment to recognize the AMAZING Service team at Tommy's Colorado. Last week, we had a long weekend camping trip set up at Horsetooth Res and ended up having a failed alternator on our 2015 Axis. We called and spoke to Rebecca in service on Thursday morning, told her about our situation, and she and Steve were able to get a new alternator delivered to us at Horsetooth Res in Fort Collins, CO. It took us 20 min to pull the alternator, and another 20 min to put the new one in. We were back in action Thursday afternoon, and had an incredible 3 days of Sun and surf on the lake. I cannot say enough positive things about Tommy's Colorado, and will promote and recommend their Sales, Service and Pro Shop to all friends and acquaintances that will listen! Thanks again to Rebecca, Steve, and Nick for the above and beyond attitude and customer service! Thanks also to Megan for following up with us on Friday morning to make sure all was well! You guys rock! You have a dedicated customer for life!
    Kerry S,
  • Service has been great at the GR location. We actually ended up trading in our 2005 Wakesetter (which you serviced) and buying a new one (Demo) from the GR shop. The guys at the shop have gone out of their way to take care of us. The best customer service we have experienced as far as boats are concerned.
    Chris G,
  • Everything has been awesome with Tommy's Florida. Here is a little history. I purchased a Used Malibu from the old crew last year (Joe) and I was unhappy with my decision of the purchase of my boat. Wes called me up and spoke with me about trading in my Malibu. Wes assured me that he would make a better name for Tommy's this time around. As he did! After going over some numbers I decided to purchase a new Axis. I am super pleased with Wes and the crew at Tommy's Florida! The knowledge and passion he has for the wakeboarding industry is above and beyond any of your competitors. If it weren't for him I would have went elsewhere to purchase a boat. Communication was great, boat was in great condition when I got it back, everything was great! Thanks again for the follow up. Sorry I don't have any recommendations for improvements.
    Cameron L,
  • Wes - Did I mention you are totally awesome at your job! I have managed many sales people myself and I haven’t met one as straightforward and no-nonsense as you are and it works!

    I also love the fact that you really love your product and are actually into the sport of Wakeboarding (and now surfing ).

    Wes, you are a sales and customer Ninja, and darn fun to hang out with! I also think you just might be a people person !

  • My name is Mitch, and I have been boat-less for 9 years. We sold our second boat after my third child was born. Now we have 5 kids and we decided to make boating what we do as a family, so I started the search…

    My 9 year old daughter was with me. We get to the store and waiting for us was Travis, he opens the front door and could have not been more welcoming. He talked to my daughter and made her feel important, that was huge, she is my life, like my other kids…

    We go and start to look at the boat, and it was very clear for the moment I met Travis, he loved his job, and loved the water. He went over every detail of the boat and he really made me realize this boat was totally me. I have never in my life had a sales person like him and enjoyed the time I spent looking at the boat. Travis was explaining things to my daughter like she was a human and not a 9 year old kid, bonus to him for recognizing her choice was more important than mine!...

    Even after we had a deal, I was bringing my family for visits and Travis would come out every time and spend time with us, even connected with my crazy 5 year old daughter…

    To sum this up, you have a great staff of people, even the people whose names I don't remember in the Clearwater store, all so nice, all talked and welcomed us every time. And not to forget about your detail person, amazing!

    Travis made me not only want to have a long relationship with Tommy's, but I plan to spread the word of this awesome experience and your great people. Travis is one in a million, and I am very thankful he helped me see that the boat was totally me…

    You guys are first class and this was the best buying experience I have ever had.

    Mitch C.,