Thomas Degasperi

“I’m so pumped to join the Tommy’s team, working with Malibu and the best dealer out there is a great combo. I’m looking foward to share many great experiences with them and bring my passion to people of the world of water sport.” -Thomas Degasperi 4x (current back to back reigning) World Slalom Champion 4x Italian National Champion 5x European Champion 8x Pro Tour Champion 3x Alizee Cup
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Oli Derome Tommys

Oli Derome

“I am proud to sign with Tommy’s, they have bene leaders in their field for quite a while now and with a new store in Central Florida, there are no signs of slowing down! Tommy’s has a great team of employees and riders that I am happy to join” -Oli Derome
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Amber Wing

I have been living and training in Clermont for the past 13 years, I love it out here, and it’s my 2nd home for sure. To watch it grow and develop is amazing and now have Tommy’s Pro shop Malibu dealership is the icing on the cake! 1st Female to Land a Double Flip (January 2013) First Female to Land a 900 (July 14, 2010) First Female to Land a Heelside 720 (July 2009) First Female to Land a Toeside 720 (May 2006) 5x
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Tony Carroll

My favorite thing in the wold is being out on the boat with a group of good people. The sun shining, lake glass and warm weather makes everything in the world at peace. Your driver puts the throttle down and it’s time for the real fun. There is nothing better then effortlessly gliding through the air with scenery like that.
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