Ben B.

Ben grew up spending his summers in Northern Michigan on Walloon Lake or Otsego Lake. His water sports experience would best be described as “attempted”. Ben should never, ever be trusted to sell a boat or demonstrate a “Double Tantrum To Blind” to a young child, but he is exactly the person you want to talk to if you need to learn how to do a =vlookup() in excel or pull an inventory export from the point of sales systems.

Although terrible at water sports, Ben loves the outdoors and boating. One of his favorite memories growing up was working with his father to restore a 1967 Chris Craft Super Sport that his father had grown up waterskiing behind. When not lovingly crafting spreadsheets and process maps, he enjoys barefoot running, crossfit, cooking Indian food for his kids, and gardening.

“My favorite part about working at Tommy’s is the people I get to work with and the passion they show for water sports and their customers. I also like the rocks in the parking lot at Tommy’s Colorado.”