Ryan S.

Favorite Boat Color: Regal

Growing up on a Lake in New Jersey Ryan is no stranger to boats or anything boat related.  Before he had a car he would commute to work via two stroke 85HP Johnson outboard motor that left him stranded in the middle of the lake more times then he would like to admit.  Wakeboarding behind his first boat (Ploop Jumper) led Ryan to his first job at the Malibu dealership/ Marina on Lake Hopatcong (New Jersey’s largest lake).  Ryan has spent time doing just about everything there is to do at a dealership and marina.  From working on the docks, acid cleaning boat bottoms, winterizing boats, wakeboard lessons, to organizing wakeboard competitions, he can’t stop and he just simply won’t stop.  Ryan’s first demo boat was a Regal, Ebony, White 2004 Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV with Skylon Defcon 4 Tower Speakers.  Those speakers were absolutely unnecessary but were absolutely a must have that year, says Ryan whom put over 300 hours on that boat during the Summer of 2004.  Some sing about the Summer of 69′, Ryan sings about the summer of 04′.  When it came time to further his knowledge of boats he attended MMI (Marine Mechanics Institute) in Orlando Florida where he learned a thing or two more about what makes the prop turn.  Ryan says maybe one day he will make his break into Hollywood where he can get his reality show off the ground called “As The Prop Turns”.  Until then you can find Ryan at the Tommy’s Colorado store helping other avid boaters find the new boat of their dreams!

Other Fun Facts:

  • Once started a broken down outboard motor with nothing but his bare hands and a ski rope
  • Rode a 4×8 sheet of ply wood with 4 other buddies behind a boat
  • From 2004 – 2012 Ryan had 9 different Regal colored Wakesetters
  • Broke his first wakeboard (cwb nirvana)  because he used it as an ax in an attempt to get his boat through a section or ice so he could wakeboard that day
  • Started the Jersey Wakeoff (wakeboard competition) because he was tried of traveling long distances to compete
  • Pro Wakeboarder Darren Shapiro once yelled at Ryan because wakeboarding on “Darin’s section of the lake” too often on Lake Mary Jane in Orlando, FL.  They eventually came to and agreement to share the lake.
  • Ripped his bathing suit during a stand up jet ski accident involving high speeds and a sand bar that left him partially exposed
  • Wakeboarded 500+ feet behind a boat because of a double dare