Wes P.

My name is Wesley Powers I am the Sales Manager For Tommy’s Florida. I started my love for wakeboarding watching the X-games when I was much younger. From there it was my dream to be able to wakeboard and be a part of the industry. Before I worked with Tommy’s I spent my entire life in California working in the oil industry working a ton of hours but always made time to wakeboard at least once a week. I had to drive 45 minutes each way to the lake and in a super small shallow lake of only 4-10 ft deep and it got choppy on every warm day bt 9 AM. We work up at 5 AM just to get a set on calm water. Even in the cold I learned my first invert in 45 degree water in a wet suit behind my first boat which was a used 2006 Malibu VLX. No matter what it took we RODE! AS time went on bought a brand new Malibu 2011 VLX about 6 months later. I loved I that much. I put about 300 hours on that boat in the first year, rode some INT contests and dreamed to live on a lake so I could ride as much as possible and have my daughter (Harley) be in a place where she could take water sports as far as she could go. So I sold the 2011 VLX and got a brand new Axis A22 and I decided to make the move to Florida, where I could live close or directly on the water and ride every day in lots of warm glassy water. I had no job lined out or nothing I just knew that’s the life style I wanted. It has been the greatest thing I ever did in my entire life. Boating has changed my life and it is a passion I will share with my family and friends forever!!