Tommy’s pro-shops are equipped with the best brands in surfing and surf accessories. All of our staff spends their spare time out on the water surfing Malibu and Axis’s industry leading Surf Gate system. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, stop by or call your local Tommy’s today so we can help you pick the board that is right for you. With our un-matched Pro-Card program and performance guarantee Tommy’s is your #1 stop for anything surf!

Tommy's Lessons

Tommy’s is committed to promoting the water sports lifestyle through our Ski & Wake School. Our coaches are some of the most talented and passionate people in the industry. We would love to teach you and your family how to wakeboard, surf, ski, tube, kneeboard, or wake skate behind one of our state of the art Malibu or Axis boats. It doesn’t matter if you have never been behind a boat before or you are an expert, Tommy’s wants to help you improve your skills. To learn more, check our our lessons site here… Tommy's Ski and Wake School

Product Reviews

Some of the brands we carry

Why Surfgate?

SurfGate was the first surf system introduced to the boating industry and continues to be best out there. SurfGate disrupts the convergent point moving the water behind the boat to create the perfect wave without transferring weight or people, leaning the boat, or driving your boat in circles. SurfGate allows your boat to remain perfectly straight as you surf the never ending wave with the push of a button. Plus, Malibu and Axis have added the ability to transfer the wake from one side of the boat to the other within two seconds, all while the boat is still in motion. It is the most versatile system on the market when you combine it with the Wedge II system. If you want a GIANT barrel behind the boat to surf you can position the wedge in an aggressive position. If you want a nice long skim board style wave hit the button and move the wedge down in a more neutral position. No matter what wave style you like or what side of the boat you prefer, everything is as easy as the push of a button. If you have questions about SurfGate, please call, text, email, or stop by a store and one of our sales people will be happy to help!

History of Surfing

Wakesurfing is the latest craze in watersports and easily the fastest growing watersport.   Wakesurfing is basically surfing behind the boat with NO ROPE. The origins of wakesurfing are somewhat disputed with multiple people and companies claiming to be at the genesis of the sport. Footage from the 1950s and 1960s shows ocean surfers experimenting with regular surfboards behind motor boats., but the sport didn’t really develop until wakeboarding began to grow in popularity. As technology improved the size and quality of the wake behind boats, early pioneers began to experiment with surfing again and the sport took off. The first US design patent for a wakesurf was granted to Alfonso Corona in 1997. WHOF recently spoke with Garry Warren about the history here.


Wake Surfing

  • Some great guys helped show me how to surf. Wahoo fun giving me tips and helpful hints. And helped me find my husband who ditched me. Lol come back to Glendo, Wyoming anytime guys. We are always here so if your ever here again I'll be standing up and surfing in no time
    Stephanie V.,
  • Great new store in Clearwater. Thanks Travis for the great new wakesurf board from Ronix and the new Ronix 800lbs fat sac with pump. Great team and awesome opening day.

    Neal A.,