Brian W.

This service was the last service I will be receiving from your team as I have relocated to NC. That being said I wanted to recognize your entire service team for not only the great service they have provided me in the past, but for this last service in particular because they not only serviced my boat but also wrapped it for me to tow it across country. I have attached some photos of what the boat looked like after 1900 miles on the road. Your service team was very understanding of the fact that I was moving and that I had the boat full of equipment; which I know can be a pain when you’re trying to work on anything in the boat. Beyond that I wanted to recognize Steve because thanks to his advice on traveling speed with my trailer I was able to avoid a possible nasty accident when I had a blowout on one of the trailer tires. Had he not made the suggestions that he did I might have really had a bad accident. You have a great team and I wish they were here in NC because they do such a good job. Please thank them again for all their understanding and hard work. Rebecca, Steve, and everyone else thanks again.

Best regards,

Brian Winstead