Kerry S

I would like to take a quick moment to recognize the AMAZING Service team at Tommy’s Colorado. Last week, we had a long weekend camping trip set up at Horsetooth Res and ended up having a failed alternator on our 2015 Axis. We called and spoke to Rebecca in service on Thursday morning, told her about our situation, and she and Steve were able to get a new alternator delivered to us at Horsetooth Res in Fort Collins, CO. It took us 20 min to pull the alternator, and another 20 min to put the new one in. We were back in action Thursday afternoon, and had an incredible 3 days of Sun and surf on the lake.
I cannot say enough positive things about Tommy’s Colorado, and will promote and recommend their Sales, Service and Pro Shop to all friends and acquaintances that will listen!
Thanks again to Rebecca, Steve, and Nick for the above and beyond attitude and customer service! Thanks also to Megan for following up with us on Friday morning to make sure all was well!

You guys rock! You have a dedicated customer for life!